From the recording By the Vines


Deep in the forest
Through the heart of the trees
Something awoke, something set free
Sleeping for ages, carried out to the sea
Brewing an ancient animosity

Midnight hour the newsman on the radio
Calls for showers and comets by eight
We've done it this time
We flooded the gates!

Oh my dear friend
When did we begin, waging this war?
Cover the earth, the canvas the floor
Ricochet through our minds
Judgement Day
How much did we wage?
I don't think we paid
I dont think we paid...

Ricochet through our minds
Cover the earth
Pièce de Résistance...

Midnight hour
The newsman on the radio
We lost power to the engines!
Im afraid...
We've done it this time
And there's no escape!